Market Sectors

Electronic Document Management is valuable asset in many various sectors in the market. Introducing its management system usually helps organizations work more efficiently and cost-effectively in many areas, for instance, in storage of data.

Here are some examples of areas in various industries which utilize Document Management.

Government & Public Service

DM used in:

National Archives
Records: Housing, Benefits, Public
Social Services
Law Enforcement


DM used in:

Research data and development
Records in drug testing
Records in Case studies
Records and in manufacturing

Property & Real Estate

DM used in:

Asset portfolios
Property Documentation
Property Archiving
Property Surveying
Lease records
Maintenance records
Drawing Records
Suppliers Records
Builders records
Clients Records
Legal Contracts
Digitalizing and archiving of Documents
Digitalizing of floor plans

Manufacturing / Engineering

DM used in:

Manufacturing and production records.
Digitalizing engineering drawings
Indexing assembly lists
Indexing parts lists
Quality records

Aerospace & Defense

DM used in:

Manufacturing Documentation
Track design Records Documentation
Testing Records,
Maintenance Records and
Parts documentation
Design Records
Digitalizing technical manuals for maintenance and repair
Archival of data and documentation

Customer Service

DM uses:

Records of customers
Records of correspondence and communication of customers
Invoice Documentation
Billing Documentation
Coordination of information resources
Information resources for call center


DM used in:

Accounts archives
Purchase orders
Proof of delivery notes
Data storage to comply with Inland Revenue/ VAT / Company House approved standards.
Financial report data records