Quick Glossary

Information stored in files on a pc or on paper.

Document Management
Document Management is the process of managing documents and other means of information such as images from creation, review, storage to its dissemination. It also involves the indexing, storage and retrieval of documents in an organized method.

Document Management Software
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Document Retrieval
Document retrieval is the process by which you can search and 'retrieve' an archived document from a database. This is done by entering information in a database query screen to locate the file you are after. The Document Management System will then retrieve the document and let you work on it, whilst preventing other people from making changes.

Concurrent Versions System and is a process of sharing, saving and recovering version information for people using code.

Document Imaging
Imaging is a system for converting paper documents into an electronic or digital format. Techniques such as scanning and Optical Character Recognition etc. are some of the methods that are typically used.

Speaks of the flow of work between people or individuals in an organization, allowing it to be defined and monitored. In document management terms, workflow is usually used in the context of monitoring the creation, distribution and retrieval of documents.

Workflow Automation
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XML (extensible mark-up language)
Is a key digital technology which focuses on data formatting and document processing, enabling active content delivery.

Digital Asset Managment
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Paperless Office
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