Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the advantages of Document Management systems for my organization?

  • Increased productivity
  • Fast and easy access to important information
  • Increased savings in various operational costs
  • Smaller physical storage spaces
  • Workflow management Efficiency
  • Information management Efficiency
  • Ease to comply with government regulations for records keeping
  • Archive purchase orders, invoices, delivery notes, agreements and customer correspondence in one central database
  • Secure archive and access which reduces risk of loss
  • Reduction of administration times i.e. customer queries
  • Link data easily with most CRM solutions, accounts systems, SAP, ERP, etc

The new technology associated with Document management confuses me. How do I decide which is best?

With so many technological terms associated with DM such as imaging, knowledge management, Intranet and Internet etc,… its enough to send anybody’s head spinning. The best way to start to choose what is best for your company or group would be to identify:

  • The object population involved in the system you need.
  • The factors and needs involved in the input and output of the data/ information.
  • The process needed from conception to destruction of your document management system.

Where can I find more information about document management?

By searching online, one can find a number of sources of DM information, as well as researching in your local library. Or check out our links section.

How do I know which Document Management program is “the best”?

We suggest breaking the fundamentals down, and anylyzing each bit based on your specific needs. This can be based on:

Initial and Long-Term Cost
Vendor/ Manufacturer’s reputation and stability
Market Penetration
User interface
Personal Preference
Your Special Requirements

Introducing Document management to my company sounds like a big upheaval. Is there a way I can make the transition smooth?

Document Management is really at the center of your organization, and no doubt impacts key areas of the business/ group. We suggest introducing a new DM system gradually, in phases, allowing time and familiarization, through a series of thought-out procedures to ease in its management and avoid any trouble.

I’ve heard that implementing a Document Management system is extremely time-consuming. Is this true?

Not necessarily. With a moderately small investment both financially and in educating personnel, you can quickly build a good working document management system. Any delays are usually centered around the transition from the old system to the new.

What is an Electronic Document Management System?

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) utilizes a database to store a scanned copy of a document, enabling a search or index method to quickly retrieve data.

In a document management system, which types of documents are we talking about?

An electronic document management system can integrate virtually any kind of document – from scanned paper documents to microfilm, to electronically produced documents.